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Acamnia – Balck Cannabis Soap 100g

 7.90 με Φ.Π.Α.


Triple Target Soap: Black Cannabis Organic Soap 100g 

 Designed organic soap for facial treatment with 3x action. It has the highest content of 4 important ingredients. Ideal for mixed, oily, acne skin,  hemp cannabis oil, active carbon that helps in deep cleansing of the face and with anti-inflammatory action. Tip: Perfect for creating a shaving foam for men.  Fits for women, men and teens.  (100g). 
Face redefines and oil free face, reduces/ eliminates acne.   
Using it as cleansing day/night
Hemp cannabis oil,  olive of oil,  carbon, grapefruit oil, aloe vera 


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  1. Intensive Serum– Premium Collection (LePinAster)
  2. Eye Cream – Premium Collection (LePinAster)

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