"the strongest natural antioxidant and anti-aging"

Acamnia Premium Collection face skin care line, has an important antiageing ingredient, Pycnogenol®!

-Stronger antioxidant than vitamin C and E

- The natural substance Pycnogenol® is 50 times more effective than vitamin E and 20 times more potent than vitamin C.

- Contains proanthocyanidins which are natural antioxidants of the flavonoid family and are derived from pine bark extract of Pinus Maritima.

- It has anti-inflammatory properties and significant benefits for blood vessels and circulation.

- It is the most powerful antioxidant and acts as protection against various toxins.

- Natural regeneration of skin collagen.

The unique dermo-cosmetic cream with Pycnogenol® certification, the Franco-Swiss producer company.

The only powerful natural antioxidant ingredient, approved by FDA, that can be used for dermatological use with safety and efficacy

Ask your dermatologist about Pycnogenol® and its characteristics. Also ask your Dr. for CBD

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