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Pycnogenol® - Hyaluronic 3D plus and CBD supplements

The extract of pycnogenol® has been widely studied for the past 40 years and has more than 280 published studies and review articles ensuring safety and efficacy as ingredient! Hyaluronic plays an important role in the normal epidermis. Hyaluronic is a substance occurring naturally in the human body that can bind a large amount of moisture (up to 1000 times its own weight). Water and Hyaluronic are the two most important substances filling our connective tissue. Hyaluronic decreases as we age, resulting in the formation of wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of ageing. Hyaluronic also has crucial functions in the reepithelization process of skin due to several of its properties. Acamnia new technology Hyaluronic 3D plus with important molecular weight that can reach 3rd plus laywer of epidermis and give a deep anti-ageing result.

Pycnogenol®: The natural substance, extraced from the Pinus Martinus leafs

Main component of the dermo-cosmetics Le Pin Aster beauty products is Pycnogenol®.

Pycnogenol® is a natural plant extract originating from the bark of the maritime pine that grows along the coast of southwest France.

Is found to contain a unique combination of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids, which offer extensive natural health benefits.

The unique formula of premium collection line of  Acamnia combines Pycnogenol® and hyaluronic acid fortified with extra beneficial natural ingredients for hydration, anti-aging  and young skin by protecting  our collagen  and elastin.

This unique formula carries the official certificate of inclusiveness by the Pycnogenol® manufacture company.

Pycnogenol ® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research Ltd.

Use of this products may be protected by one or more U.S. patents and other international patents.

How Acamnia premium Beauty products helps skin?

Pycnogenol® and Other Premium Natural ingredients, well studied, in innovative formulations are widely used in topical and oral applications for various  indications. A unique combination of pharmacological functions of all provides an unmatched variety of health benefits for skin health and health in general, like Acabis premium CBD oil.  Our dermo-cosmetics, and not only, help  your skin rebuild elasticity, essential for smooth and youthful looking skin.

All  Acamnia  products are:

  • NO- Parabens, SLS, PEG, PPG, mineral oils,  synthetic colours, silicons, phenoxuathanol.
  • - Without Animal Testing
  • - Super Natural Ingredients
  • - Based in clinical studies and dermatological tests
  • - Manufactured in Greece

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