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Acamnia – PGN Active Shampoo, 300ml

 20.50 με Φ.Π.Α.


Acamnia –  PGN Active Shampoo, 300ml

PGN Active Shampoo is Intensive hair loss treatment.
Slows hair loss, strengthens hair and restores hair volume and durability. In just six weeks, the hair finds their volume again. Suitable for men and women
The innovative  rich combination  with Citrus, Sage, Nettle and Willow.
Absolutely moisturizes and revitalizes hair, continues use gives volume to hair.
Cleanse  day or/and night.
Natural ingredients  like Sage, Sugar Maple, Sugar cane, willow and organic soap,  oils, extract of fruits and lemon  that gives a good smell.


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Acamnia –  Premium collection (Le Pin Aster)

Που περέχει το Hyaluronic 3Dplus της εταιρείας μαζί με την Πυκνογενόλη, το σούπερ αντι-γηραντικό συστατικό της φύσης!

SET ACAMNIA – 4 σε 1 υπέροχο νεσεσέρ (από 211 στα 116  ευρώ)

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