Tanning oil (7) Endless Tan

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SUN treatment: Tanning oil (7), Endless Tan  170ml

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SUN treatment: Tanning oil (7), Endless Tan 170ml

The Tanning Self-tanning Oil is a revolutionary world  product. It is  Vegan and it has a perfect ethical accreditation score. It provides a completely natural and organic way to tan safely. Not only is it good for you; it is a trusted and well-reviewed product providing you a quick, hydrating and mess free tanning routine. It gives you a natural-looking, radiant glow that takes away the pale shimmer.
Tanning endless the skin, moisturize  and giving skin Chocolate glow. Prevents redness and has a natural protection of 7 at UV
Apply to face and body for endless tan.
(170ml) Carrot oil, coconut oil, Avocando oil, natural enchancer of tan. Vegan,  Dermatological Tested. Cruelty free


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