REBUILT Creamy Gel

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Acne treatment: Acamnia – REBUILT Creamy Gel, 50ml

A creamy serum to ACNE treatment  to regenerate skin as it nourishes and hydrates in depth. Deal immediately with freckles – discoloration of your skin, the unique specialized treatment that is ALWAYS applied  to clean face.  A Unique and innovative combination of Pycnogenol® (pine extract from French coast), which is rich in antioxidants, along with the action of the hyaluronic salicilic acid, niacimide  and  more natural ingredients contribute significantly to acne skin.
Alone and / or in combination with higher repair night cream gives a perfect ACNE treatment, lightening and skin tightening.
Apply to face and neck day- night, avoid eye area. Apply before moisturizing cream as serum.
The package operates with an air pump and may take several presses the first time.
10%  NIACIMIDE, Salycilic acid Pycnogenol®, Arginine, Hyaluronic 3 Dplus,  almond oil, tee trea

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